So this is the story of my one and only nude photoshoot.

No it’s not for a wedding. No it’s not pornography. It’s actually my final project for the art class that I was taking that has nothing to do with human form but everything to do with fluid mechanics. Weird. Right?

The class was supposed to be about the interface of science and art, and “the impact of your [scientific] work on society.” But we just wanted an art/photography class straight up. I got really tired of the math prof trying to make everything about half-assed science and ditched that part of the class assignment very early on and focused on experimenting with aesthetics and my own take on what it means to be *art*.

The final project came around Thanksgiving time, and all over my social networks was people talking about illegal immigrants refugees and the origin of Thanksgiving and the blood-stained American history. So I wanted something provocative, something shockingly beautiful and deeply disturbing… Cranberry sauce! I made an entire gallon of cranberry sauce and all was set to be poured onto me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My friends and I think that each one of these actually trigger very different emotional associations. The end result has deviated from the Thanksgiving theme that we started from, but in a good way. We achieved the collision of violence and sexuality, and of brutality and beauty. I am definitely very happy with the result – except that maybe I could have gone all-out and poured the entire thing over my head in the end and catch the most disturbing shot ever.

Oh and I was sitting on a sheet to keep the flooring from staining. Isn’t this pretty? *wink wink* 😉


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